Friday, June 21, 2013

Preview of the Final 5 Videos of 24 HOURS OF CKN

We are down to the wire, CKN fans. 3 hours left. This has been an experience.

Since we are so close, I have the last 5 videos that will be uploaded mapped out already, so I feel just fine playing spoiler and telling you the batting order these vids will be in, so you can plan your viewing accordingly.

1. Rock City #5: JT, Daft Punk, QOTSA and Other Things I Missed 
A few months ago, I had episode #5 of Rock City done and mapped out. It included the new Justin Timberlake album, and talked briefly about Miguel's last release, which i felt correlated nicely. I think it also talked about the new Depeche Mode and Dido releases, and had a fifth album included that I just can't remember. Well, I remember the JT and Miguel fondly, not so much the Depeche Mode, so those are in there. I also missed albums by Queens of the Stone Age, Daft Punk and Portugal, The Man, with the third of those being very, very recent. Yeah, its probably not every single album you wanted to hear about, but this one was a last second addition that I wanted to mention. It should also be noted that with the Daft Punk, I wanted to draw an analogy to Jamiroquai, but neglected to do so. It should be noted that Daft Punk's voyage to the late-70's and early 80's music scene of L.A. correlates with Jamiroquai well, considering Jamiroquai's own acid jazz and funk movements seem to fit like a glove with this same era of music, and this was done in the 90's, with little press in the states until the song "Virtual Insanity" just absolutely dominated in the middle of the decade.

2. 2013: Some of the Best and Worst Albums 
Not a lot mentioned here, only 4 best and 2 worst albums of the year, with some others being thrown in near the ending. This is meant to really showcase some highlights of the year from the mind of madness. 21 hours in, sleep-deprivation is really starting to kick my ass in this video. If the response isn't up to snuff, this will be redone after a lot of sleep.

3. CKN Band Review: Porcupine Tree
I cite Porcupine Tree as one of my favorite bands of all time, but this is their first proper band review. Really, aside from the myriad of side-projects Steven Wilson is associated with, I haven't talked much about PT. If a discography review of the band ever takes place, this would be a video I'd put at the start of it, similar to how I did with the ongoing Dream Theater discography. Once again, a lack of sleep shows near the beginning, but as my brain starts to function, the speech and thought becomes fluent again. I could talk about Porcupine Tree all day and night, but I feel I'd talk in circles a lot, so I did my best to not do that.

4. Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods 
This was originally planned to be the send-off album for the 24 hours of reviewing, but that shifted due to the impending availability of our true send off. This album comes with lofty expectations, with Surtur Rising getting such a positive review in 2011 on the CKN channel, and really impressing a lot of people. Amon is a band that still has a vast following, so will they be pleased with this album, or is it a hiccup?

5. Orphaned Land - All is One
When the 24th hour comes to pass, it will be Orphaned Land's newest opus that will take us home. The group's first album since The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR comes with a lot of expectations as well, but this group's short discography has never possessed an album that has failed to impress, so high hopes that trend continues are the consensus at this point. My hopes for these final two videos are to pour everything I have left in the tank into them, and be as aware as possible, to render fair judgements. With the promise of sleep so close, there's no reason not to give it my all.

 There you go. As each passing video is uploaded, a new blog entry will be made to link you to it.

Thank you all for being a part of history. Its been a long and arduous journey, but its been a pleasure.


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  2. Thank you, CKN. We really appreciate the hard work and dedication you've given this past 24 hours. It's been fun.