Thursday, June 20, 2013

10 Hours In

We are close to the halfway mark. There's a lot to talk about, and I have time, considering I now have a video uploading, and 4 more that are ready to go(!!!) so let's have a pow-wow.

I was feeling tired before, but as the heat has settled into the cooler moments of night, I've regained my strength. I can now sense that the final hours of this trek will be murder, since I began this journey in the middle of the afternoon. Plus, its forecast to be warmer tomorrow than it was today. C'est La Vie. I vowed to go til the end. I will not back down.

Secondly, as time has passed, I've noticed that my delivery has become a lot more clear. In one of the reviews that will be posted in the coming hours, its a little jumbled, as I try to find words, but aside from that, its not taken that much of a hit yet. I think the secret so far has been taking some breaks and relaxing at times. Plus, getting ahead now has its benefits. I can push forward after taking a little break to regain my thoughts. Though I may try to plow one or two more videos out while my brain appears to be sharp. Key moments lost may never be found.

I finally was able to talk about a non-Dream Theater album that wasn't from 2007. Jag Panzer's Thane to the Throne has always been a favorite of mine. So reviewing it was pretty easy. Though, in that review, there's a lot more allegory about how the album's tone really seems to "fit" the story of MacBeth, even though they didn't have fancy electric guitars in the land of Shakespearean fantasy.

I also took some time to talk about the Miami Heat capturing the NBA Championship. I confess, I love sports, so the fact it took this long for a video of this variety to come out of me is kind of surprising. While I was hoping for the Spurs to pull off the upset, Miami's victory was less surprising, mainly because of their team's construction. It was built to win, and failure to capture the title could be seen as a failed season. Consider their first season together, when they lost in the finals to the Mavericks. Subsequent finals wins against the Thunder and Spurs though will have all the critics shooting them to the moon. But come on, they are the Yankees of basketball. Sure, the Yanks haven't won a World Series in a couple of years, but the team-building concept is still similar in nature. I've never liked that too much. Weirdly enough, I didn't mention how it seemed like the Pittsburgh Penguins attempted to do that this year in the NHL at the trade deadline, and how that didn't really work that well once in the series with the Boston Bruins, who are now deadlocked with the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals. In a way, Pittsburgh did what I hated, but for some reason I guess it didn't FEEL that way. Not because of fan loyalty, mind you, but the team was assembled at the trade deadline of a strike-shortened season. Not during the off-season. Its hard to say what would've happened had the team had a full year to gel together, but either way, they sorta did it. Damn. Missed an opportunity there to play devil's advocate on my home team, and myself. You know how much I love to play devil's advocate. 

Also included is a message to fans of two bands, Black Veil Brides and Blood on the Dance Floor. Once again, I tried my best to be unbiased in this video, but I really doubt that's how it'll be taken. You can blame the intellect of these fans as part of the reason why that won't happen, but its also in the presentation. I tell the truth. That's about all there is to it. The truth is that both of these bands have douchey members that suffer from having an industry and fanbase silver spoon shoved in their dickhole. They acted out (in the case of Black Veil Brides) because the people in attendance at the Golden God awards didn't shine their asshole for them with liquid from Katy Perry's cunt. In the case of Blood on the Dance Floor, one of their members is a reported pedophile. The fanbase that tends to listen to their music usually ranges in age between 12-20. Most are under 18. Most could end up as victims, not lifelong fans. That's a huge problem for me. I'm not even a parent and I find that shit fucked seven ways to Tibet. Sure, Michael Jackson gets put on trial for having sleepovers, but this asshole gets to walk and not even have to worry about parents picketing the concerts or some retarded shit like that? Ok, I can see why, there. Michael Jackson was beloved by millions of fans, truthfully. Blood on the Dance Floor is beloved by millions of the MINDS of the fans. In reality its just a notch of probably a hundred thousand, and most will outgrow this bullshit once they get a job, a boy/girlfriend or turn to drugs. That music can NOT sound awesome while stoned, so lets hope that weed get's legalized in every state that has at least a thousand Blood on the Dance Floor fans.

So this is the longest blog i've probably written today. I probably should've done this throughout the session (recording a few videos before talking about them all in a multi-paragraph tirade like this one) but I guess lessons are learned as this day progresses. There wasn't a rulebook after all, and I don't plan to pen one. If anyone else is as dumb as I am in the future, well, best of luck to you. It's a grind.

10 hours down.
14 to go.

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