Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well folks, HERE WE GO.

In just a few short hours, this blog, and the coverkillernation youtube account will be abuzz with constant activity. For 24 long hours, there will be videos about music, about life, about just about anything that CKN opts to press record and talk about, which means that ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN.

Man, that seems like a lot to take in, right? A lot to watch and chat about...

Well this blog is going to help you a lot.

Throughout the entirety of the experience, it will be chronicled. Yep, timestamps, now playings, updates, crazy shit, stories, again, whatever comes to mind. This will be a unique experience, one that will take every fiber of my elemental being being poured out into one crazy day of posting, video content creation and more...

Some of you may be wondering why I would even attempt something like this, and really pour everything into it. What's the point? Why take on something with the possibility of being both emotionally and physically challenging?

Well, there's that whole "because I can" reason that I could use, and really be a dick.

Nah, let me justify it. I was sitting outside the Uniontown Mall a few months ago, on break from my job as the third keyholder at FYE. As I puffed on a menthol cigarette and stared into the parking lot, springtime jaded by summer temperatures, I thought about what I could do that was somewhat unique and crazy for the upcoming 10,000 subscriber plateau about to be hit on the channel. Of course, we were in the midst of a 9000 subscriber Question and Answer video series that wasn't anywhere close to completion (and still has a pair of episodes ready for upload, maybe tomorrow?) so it needed to be something...fresh. So what do I do in such situations? I let ideas flow from my brain, and ask facebook.

Yeah, it doesn't sound brilliant when you type it out. Sounds more like some teenage brat asking his or her friends what shirt they should fucking wear. "HAI GUIZ, SHUD I WEAR DA BLACK 1, DA WHITE 1, OR DA BRWN 1????!?!?!" None of them, you twit. Put on a shirt, go to English class, shut the fuck up. Right?

Well, I like getting the facebook fans involved, so it only seemed right. Once the three options were posed, I looked at them and thought to myself, there's no real bad answer here...except maybe that 24 hour thing....that might be a hard task to behold. 

Of course that one won.

The whole idea was more of a test of my reviewing abilities, my stamina, my patience, really everything that defines the essence of the Coverkillernation channel. Think Misery, only with something that you love, and Kathy Bates isn't threatening to kill you if you don't do it.

Yeah, I'm watching Misery as I type this. Fitting, right?

The concept was so twisted, so fucking insane, that of course I felt it was my duty to include it. I mean, I already go nuts on camera for no good reason, invent words, phrases, and act like a general moron for the amusement of others, and it brings me joy that you all enjoy it, instead of summoning a psych team. So its, at least in my mind, the ultimate thank you.

A few things to mention....

Firstly, while requests are nice for my personal listening habits, I don't know how many, if any, I'll handle during the 24 hours of reviewing. My real intent was to have a few albums planned, then let the randomness of my vast collection dictate the pace from there, blending old, new, classic and stinker into one giant ball of fun. Variety, emotion and purity would be the truest in this format.

Secondly, 24 hours is a long time to be in one location, doing the same thing. While I will precede the event by stocking up on anything I should need, I may need to step away to get anything that is needed. I've cleared my schedule to the point where this shouldn't happen, but we know how life is. These moments will be documented, so you'll know if they happen.

Thirdly, and finally, sleep is for the weak. This idea didn't claim that it'd be 24 hours split between two days. It's 24 hours. Period. No sleep.

Don't be shocked if after this, there isn't a new video for a few days. If something absolutely huge comes up, that could change, but my plan is simple. after an experience like this, a weekend of rest is in order. Its also why there wasn't any video in the two days preceding the event. Mental preparation.

As always, its my hope that you enjoy this. As always, there's no satisfying everybody, and that's something that I accept. All of you are an important part of this, and I thank you in advance for everything that comes from this experience.

Thanks as always,

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