Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ok, update time.

11:55AM Nearing 20 hours into the marathon.

The night was a bit slow, I'm starting to remember why I posted so much in 2013. The marathon coincided with a TON of big name releases, such as Queensryche, Attila, Amon Amarth and Orphaned Land. This year isn't quite the same. Jungle Rot and August Burns Red really work the big piece of the new release pantry. Not exactly the same.

That being said, thus far I am satisfied with the fun and the like that has happened so far.

STREAM! 1:00PM. Thats about an hour from this being posted.

Anyway, there's a few videos that need to be posted. So lets do that quickly.

                                                           10 Awesome Songs 9

                                      CKN Reacts to Kanye Singing Bohemian Rhapsody

                                            SLAYER - Show No Mercy Album Review

                                     ALKALOID - The Malkuth Grimoire Album Review

Whoa, we're halfway there....

....whoa-oh, living on a prayer!

Yeah we don't really talk about Bon Jovi on this channel. But I can remember being in a car with friends who all decided to belt this song, which was playing on the radio. I remember the radio feed cutting out for a short spell for the whoa-oh and we were left to pick up the slack. It was a magica moment.

Yep, we are halfway home. There was just a 10 Awesome Songs episode posted about an hour ago. Thus begins a bit of a cooldown, there are videos that will be coming within the next hour or so. One I think will be ready by 6AM, another will come a bit after that. The pace will quicken toward the finish once we hit 9 or 10AM. For now, to ensure we make it, I gotta focus more on recording and recharging.

In reality, in conjunction with my previous commitments before this marathon began, I'm already pushing 24 hours without sleeping. Less than 4 hours until we hit that mark. By the time this is done, I'll be more than halfway to 36 hours. I've done crazier things, longer spells, etc, but that was when I was a bit younger. I'll sleep well tonight.

Still with me, Nation????

11 hours 50 minutes in.
12 hours 10 minutes to go.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Iron Maiden and Jungle Rot

Sounds like night and day, right? Well the newest two videos of the marathon include these bands. Firstly, a unique experiment for Iron Maiden, choosing my favorite song on EACH album by the long-running metal legends.

I'll do a list of my top 15 (or more) Iron Maiden songs in the future with more editing involved. Thanks to the CKN Stream crowd for making this video a reality. What started as a suggestion turned into this.

Secondly, we get to JUNGLE ROT, who just released their newest album ORDER SHALL PREVAIL.

Not a bad effort, but pretty par for the death metal course.

1:10AM EST. We are nearing the 9 Hour mark, so we are more than 1/3rd of the way home.

6 Hour update.

With 6 hours in the books, its been pretty active over here. While only posting 5 videos thus far (including the Lamb of God track review) the stream has taken an hours worth of time and is honestly a great time for the fans to talk with me a little bit, and actually get a piece of the 24 hours action. it'll certainly be a bit more interesting tomorrow when the stream restarts when i am much closer to total sleep deprivation.

As of now, including the things I had to do prior to the start of 24HoursofCKN, I've only been up 14 hours. Not bad at all. I'm still fresh and sharp. No worries yet. Talk to me at this point in time tomorrow morning when I'll have eclipsed 24 hours and the story will be a bit different.

I think 3 more videos will be going up in the coming few hours. Then, during the dead space of morning, I'll be doing more recording than posting, that way many videos can flow starting early tomorrow morning, running up til the finish time of 4:30PM. This is a bit different than the marathon done in 2013, which began at 2PM. That subtle shift in time really causes a shift in how the videos are uploaded and handled. More will come on the back end of 24 hours than the front end, which should be interesting since many will be made at maximum sleep deprivation.

STREAM TOMORROW: July 1st, 2015 at 1PM EST.

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CKN LIVE! 24 Hours Stream #1

The first of two streams just occurred! Check out the playback!

2 Videos going up right now to go along with this one! We're motoring now!

2 hours 42 minutes in