Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Recent Videos: 5/27 - 6/2

It's that time again! Let's talk about videos posted from the past week on the CKN channel, since youtube and facebook hates to distribute those to all of you! If you're reading this, save this blog to your favorites, as I'll be trying to do a lot more with it in the coming months.

5/27: Asking Alexandria - "I Won't Give In" Track Review

The band behind FROM DEATH TO DESTINY has a new singer and a new song to check out. Overall..its rather average, but no doubt will sound good at live shows. Its got that tone.

5/27: CKN's TOP 30 Favorite Bands of ALL-TIME

This has been requested for a long time. This is a longer video, but covers 30 of CKN's favorite bands of ALL-TIME, taking about a minute to talk about each. A comment has the entire list posted, but do take the time and learn why each band is among CKN's favorites! 

5/29: 10 Awesome Songs You May Not Know: Episode #7 - MORE METAL

Songs 61-70 of this ongoing series cover a wide array of heavy metal music, going from a fringe band that exhibits metal potential to some pulverizing melo-death and melo-black metal. This series just continues to dive deeper and deeper headfirst into music and comes up with more and more gems oft obscured by the mainstream. 

5/30: Helloween - "My God-Given Right" Album Review

Helloween deliver a new album on the year of their 30th anniversary. The disc has a more positive, quirky vibe than the darker STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL that preceded it, but still gives power metal fans a dose of their favorite godfathers. 

5/30: Ghost (B.C.) - "Cirice" Track Review

Wow! Ghost (or Ghost B.C. in America) give us our first taste of upcoming album MELIORA which will be coming in August. This is easily their best song to date, and the review is an absolute must-watch.

6/1: CKN Reacts to "Modern Metal Sucks"

CKN reacts to the video "MODERN METAL SUCKS" posted by fellow reviewer CountBlagorath, and remarks on the topic as well. Considering the wealth of terrific modern metal acts out there today, these three words seem rather...impossible to say the least. 

6/2: Paradise Lost - "The Plague Within" Album Review

Paradise Lost give us album #14, and score the phrase "Paradise Lost CLASSIC" with this one. Mainly because it came in at #10 on.....

6/2: TOP 10 Albums of 2015 (So Far)

Let's face it, we are going to have a TON of albums to talk about in the second half of this year. So let's discuss the first 5/12ths of 2015 and select 10 of the best albums CKN has reviewed in that timespan!

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