Monday, June 29, 2015

24 HOURS OF CKN 2015! Some General Information:

We've come upon it! Only 24 hours separate us from 24 HOURS OF COVERKILLERNATION and the 2015 edition features a couple of new things that weren't a part of the first event that happened WAY BACK in 2013. But before we get into that....a couple basics.

1. Please like/dislike and comment on the videos you watch. As a Nation, we enhance and increase our coverage with all of these "engagement points." Thank you in advance.

2. The option for FAN FUNDING exists now. This event is 24 hours strong, which is definitely a grind. If you opt to give a little during the event, I'd be absolutely stoked and thankful. The option is on the official CKN youtube channel page, or you can contact me directly via facebook.

3. Sharing is key. I'm relying on you, Nation. During the event I'll be listening, creating and editing, so I will be unable to do the level of promotion that I usually do. Blow people's feeds up, post to websites that allow it. Lets break twitter and use #24hoursofCKN for EVERYTHING.



   Album Reviews: 

We have 2 confirmed album reviews at this moment....

  • AUGUST BURNS RED - "Found in Far Away Places" 
  • JUNGLE ROT - "Order Shall Prevail" 
More will come, and not all will be NEW albums. Suggestions will be taken, but not all can be fulfilled. Remember, I need to have the album available to me. 

  Rants/Topics/CKN Reacts

Nothing is yet confirmed for this section, but they are not out of the question. In 2013 a simple video about the Black Veil Brides and Blood on the Dance Floor turned into a 50,000 view empire. As the day goes on, whatever I read or think will be documented in a video if the topic is cohesive enough. BE PREPARED. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. 

 CKN's Favorite Albums/10 Awesome Songs

CONFIRMED! There will be a new episode of EACH series during the marathon! 


CONFIRMED! Two new episodes of the BRAND NEW Streaming series CKN LIVE will occur. One on each day. Times will be updated via the facebook page! 


If you have this blog saved as a bookmark, check it often during the event. As videos go live, I'll be putting them both on facebook and on here. Why should you have both bookmarked? 

Because Facebook sucks. It doesn't like to deliver the work to all of you in a good timeframe. So to not miss anything, you're gonna want to be HERE. 

Check the CKN channel page or RECENT VIDEOS tab OFTEN during the 24 hour event. That updates nearly instantly, and avoids the possibility that the server gets overwhelmed and refuses to send all of you the notification. 

So one final question remains.....

Are you ready???????

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