Sunday, November 10, 2013

Epic Prog Leads to Epic Blog

Yeah, like the title suggests, this is gonna be FUCKING EPIC! Epic in the fact that I have some announcements and stuff to discuss that's regarding the channel's upcoming future, as we get down to a little more than a MONTH away from end-of-year award season. That, of course, means that some of the most IMPORTANT CKN videos will be on their way very shortly. I hope that every single one of you view them and comment on them. Well, if you can, that is....let's start there, shall we?

What the Google is Wrong with my Youtube? 
Shit, even I don't know. The only issue I've had has been with trying to respond to comments. I can still comment fine, but I'm guessing you can only reply to comments if folks have their accounts linked? I dunno, but I will say this....if that's the case, then just link them. Seriously, if that's all it takes, then cool. I made a brief video about it, but I've tabled it, because everyone and their asshole uncle has made a video or something about this, so with this poor paragraph, the subject is closed.

This IS kind of a business decision...
Oh, no, the subject isn't closed. I had someone recently offer me the suggestion that if I made a video expressing boycott, something would happen. While I truly appreciate the thought that my opinion would cause a bit of a blackout that may cause a reversal of fortune, I can say with 100% accuracy that: A) it won't, and B) I can't.

The reason is pretty simple. Most know, but others may not, so I reiterate for those who may not. This is actually a hobby that's turned into a bit of a business. Not business in the sense that I am marketing and selling goods, no. A business where, through a partnership (not with Google,) I am earning some money by doing this. Its actually become a second job, of sorts, where doing as best as I can has become of importance as opposed to just a friendly surprise. You get a taste of success and...

But yeah, a blackout actually causes a bit of strain for me. Especially the suggestion of one day a week. The funds earned are being used to ease the total cost of rent for myself and my girlfriend, that way we can exist and live without being bottom-feeders suckling on the system's teet. Sounds a bit hippie, but I'm proud to have never done that, especially in my area, which boasts one of the highest welfare percentages not only in the state, but also in the country.

So once again, while the sentiment and thought that my voice would cause that much noise throughout the youtube community, its doubtful that it would, and it would put me in a position that I'd rather avoid. But I will say, that its pretty cool that some of you have such faith in my voice that it, in your mind, would move millions. We can beat this in other ways, though. Basically, by becoming a true force on youtube and in our daily lives.

The Daily Challenge of Life
A Spelunky reference? Ahhh, my latest addiction. Love that game. I have Steam, gamers. The name is the same as the name of the channel, if you wish to add. I don't game much, as it would cut into my duties, but friends are friends, right?

Louvember Denied
Out of respect of Lou, I'm leaving my tribute as the only thing I'll do in regard to that. No discography. I have far too little of his work, and while the availability of the others is pretty wide, I don't think I'd give it the same justice as a reviewer like Threecreation could. Zero disrespect for Lou. I have been enjoying some of his work throughout the month, and, if in the future I happen to assemble a larger catalog, I may have something neat in mind.

On the Subject of Discographies 
While the slow months progress, I will be tackling a few discographies that are pretty long overdue. If you're on the facebook group, you know I just presented you with 4 bands and asked for a choice. The winner of that will be the first to get a discography review. I'm not spoiling it, because I know there will be some people going to post now that they've seen this, so I'm gonna give it a few more days. Yes, I know that they are all thrash bands, and some of you are probably getting tired of thrash-related work, but my main thought has been that half of the Big 4 have gotten discographies, so lets give the other 2 a shot at getting one, and also adding 2 others to see who emerges victorious. This should start within the next week or so, and I'll hopefully post links both on facebook and on here.

December to Remember
Anybody who gets that reference should get a prize, but I have literally nothing cool to offer right now. Its pretty easy, though, so if you got it, good job! December will be very memorable for a few different reasons. We're going to be continuing the "some of the best artists" series both this month and next month,  and you've just been made aware of the discography potential, but we have some slight changes to the CKN best of lists that need to be addressed.

1. The Top 25 may or may not have 10 honorable mentions this year, or may just become the Top 35 list. This is being considered due to the wealth of awesome work this year has given us.
2. The Top 10 Pop/Rock/Alternative list will now become a Top 15 List.
3. The 10 Worst albums of the year will move from being free-form or a top 5 to a top 10 list.
4. As always, the State of the Music address 2014 will come a few days after New Years Day. It'll be talking about some changes coming to the channel with regard of both the rating system, as well as some new features that may be coming.

Final Thoughts 
We haven't had a new Thought Buffet in a while. I consider that kind of fortunate, all things considered, but in this period of dormancy, check out the old ones and have your voice heard in the comments on some pretty broad social issues. There may be one or two in the works before the end of the year covering some pretty broad topics, so stay tuned.

Told Ya It'd Be Epic
Thanks to Prospekt's The Colourless Sunrise for providing the soundtrack to this blog. Most of you will know about the blog in one part due to checking out the album review for this very album, but for those who haven't, check this band out. Very solid up-and-coming progressive metal (hints of technical metal, a dabble here and there into what some would call djent or prog-alt) out of the UK.

Kudos, all,

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