Monday, July 15, 2013

Donations/Ways to Help/Etc.

Hi folks, your friendly, neighborhood CKN here to talk about something pretty important. Please, step into my study. Would you like a drink?

So, I firstly want to extend a ton of appreciation to those of you who read that last update, and provided encouragement, kindness, and support. I should've never doubted you, Nation. You are strong, resilient and proud. However, one of you brought up something that I've...never really talked about before. Somebody mentioned if there were ways to help out with donations or anything of the like. Well, I am here to address this topic. Yeah, times suck, but I haven't been the type to do fundraising or donations, as it tends to make me sound like a money-grubbing douche. Yes, I know, with all the various hurdles life has handed me, I wouldn't seem like SUCH a douche, but its just not me. I do, however, see the other side of the road. I see that people do appreciate the efforts of this channel, and sometimes want to go out of their way to show their support. Fan art and the like is always appreciated, but if you want to go the monetary route, here's a few ways you can help me:

1. Watch Every Video: most of you already do this, anyway.
2(a). Click on the Ads: If you really want to help me out, do this. Its one part of a huge formula that determines what I make per day. I know, nobody likes the ads, I don't either, but if I like a youtubers work, I am not afraid to click that ad and give them a little extra cash for being awesome.
2(b). Share the videos to everyone, every group, etc.: Sharing increases views, clicks, you get the point. Even if your share only results in one or two more views, every little bit counts. Share the shit out of this stuff, you do not need my permission. 
3. Demand my company to promote me to President of FYE
4. Donations via Paypal: Ok, #3 was an obvious joke. This one practically is, too. BUT, if you're insistent, I will accept donations to my paypal account. If you want to go this route, contact me via PM on my PERSONAL facebook page, or email me at I will only then disclose any data. Again, I don't pander, hence why I am leaving this option completely and totally in your courts. I am not asking, but I will also not be disrespectful and refuse a gift from someone else. I'm not THAT big of a my knowledge.

There you have it. I am not the type to go the donations route, as its never been my style, but I do have to shift my own thought process and realize that refusal is just downright rude. It's my aim to not only be the best reviewer I can be, but also, to try to set a good example.

Or something like that. Fuck, I dunno.

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