Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Whoa, we're halfway there....

....whoa-oh, living on a prayer!

Yeah we don't really talk about Bon Jovi on this channel. But I can remember being in a car with friends who all decided to belt this song, which was playing on the radio. I remember the radio feed cutting out for a short spell for the whoa-oh and we were left to pick up the slack. It was a magica moment.

Yep, we are halfway home. There was just a 10 Awesome Songs episode posted about an hour ago. Thus begins a bit of a cooldown, there are videos that will be coming within the next hour or so. One I think will be ready by 6AM, another will come a bit after that. The pace will quicken toward the finish once we hit 9 or 10AM. For now, to ensure we make it, I gotta focus more on recording and recharging.

In reality, in conjunction with my previous commitments before this marathon began, I'm already pushing 24 hours without sleeping. Less than 4 hours until we hit that mark. By the time this is done, I'll be more than halfway to 36 hours. I've done crazier things, longer spells, etc, but that was when I was a bit younger. I'll sleep well tonight.

Still with me, Nation????

11 hours 50 minutes in.
12 hours 10 minutes to go.

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