Monday, May 26, 2014

...Like Nothing Ever Happened

We all have a little god in us, and that god has gone crazy. Crazy on the peyote delivered across the desert to all our willing and naive minds. Crazy on the information overload that's just a click away, awaiting furious consumption. Polluting the rivers of blood that plead with systems for continued life force and compromising the neurons of our mind. Third eye, mind's eye, all slowly dissipating into a state of engulfing paranoia, a trip much less enjoyable without actual medicinal consumption.

34 minutes. My aim is to free write throughout the entirety of Bring the Sun/Toussaint L'Overture. Lets see the baked images my brain regurgitates.

An ominous cloud forms over the planet Earth, blocking the sun, the moon and the stars, delivering an ominous message from the gods of the universe. The endtimes aren't here, nay, the endtimes have just begun.

Oh, you thought they'd been developing, processing and shipping their methodical hints for decades now, did you? You thought this was just the final resting place for the gravebound planet, did you? Do you see now? Does your paralysis reveal anything new to your periphery? The haunting, shadowless blackness, once a Biblical symbol of Apocalyptic riders, harbingers of chaos, signals of destruction, instead offering no remains of long overstudied and overruined text. Instead just a signpost, with damning evidence of a long-scorched human race. A blender of cultures, burnt to a crisp by one confounding message of universal annihilation, one that doesn't subject you to your sins, lifestyles, salvation for the chosen few. Blackness. Death-compared blackness.

A hybrid of emotions. Worldwide neurosis. Everybody was wrong. Everybody wishing suddenly that this cloud would dissipate and the Earth would conclude its life cycle on a breakneck collision course with the Sun. Bring the sun, bring the sun! Bring the heat, the cooked flesh of death and ultimate ending chapter. Why such a coda? The black cloud delivers a tone that states the exit wound of this world's planetary inhabitants. Not all, mind you, just those evolved enough to evolve hate and separation into groups of those allowed to enjoy paradise and those scheduled to eternal torture. Just them. A universal cosmic phenomena perhaps only signaled by the planet herself. Gaia's defense. Gaia's last stand against a pesky mite colony that destroys her skin and ruins her oxygen. A colony that pollinates with itself recklessly, and elevates their offspring to the status of untouchable being, only to neglect and stunt their development.

The natural order looks on this colony of human mites with stunned silence. The same stunning feeling they've had for generations. The same motions have been taken, but over the course of centuries, the internal monologue has shifted to include one extra, lurid idea with unbridled fear, "these are the beings that could end our world?"

Humankind lurks in defense of their home. Turning to help one another only leads to a global contamination of excess power. The separated power trip instead leads to a toxic overhaul of powerlessness, with every leader balking at the chance of defense. Some claim divine reasons, others claim lack of resources, others bicker and threaten one another over reasons of noncompliance to standards, destruction of peace treaties, legal and national defense policy restrictions.....

Meanwhile the rest of humanity watches in horror.

The rest watch. The rest get angry, but the rest DO NOTHING.

The cloud turns from black to deep red, and phantom clouds reach down toward the drying Earth. The blackness removing its water to near catastrophic levels, the phantom clouds urinate an acidic rain that further deconstructs the man-made Earthly creations. Homes begin to corrode, cars degrade into nothingness, roads break down, people begin to get sick from interaction, death begins its stink.

Where's the light side? Where's the side of good? The heavenly forces of revelation have the game in front of them and have opted not to show up. Take a sick day. Perhaps for good reason.

This isn't the works of a Satanic force, nor of an antiforce that delivers a balance beam to the overbearing drive of the harbingers of light. Rather, this is natural order. This is a public service that the Earth is delivering herself. Gaia taking a shower, applying the proper medicine to dispose of the pests that threaten her livelihood. The acid urine is accompanied by fierce electricity. Lightning puts the threat lightly, instead seeming to be an opening, a rip in the fabrics of the atmosphere, shifting laws of physics and science while the faithful continue to stand in wait of their ultimate salvation.

Hooves are heard in the minds of those exposed to the acid. The acid alters their mind state to summon a hallucination of what they hoped would happen. They see horsemen, the angels of death and light. The mighty battle of revelation appears in front of them for the period of a few moments, then slowly starts of fade away into the reality of an Earth in chaos, without the mighty battle for the universe present. These visions sparkle and fade from time to time, leaving them frozen in place, their bodies slowly breaking down as they offer no defense. Soon, they die, with one final vision in sight. A vision of an angry Earth roaring to life, shifting plates, crumbling mountains and shaking violently. Some still offer this up to the divine, while others are illuminated into realization that no intervention occurred at all. The educated and non-religious fall to their knees in stunned disbelief, ultimately accepting defeat without much fight. The many fall, while the powerful still bicker about their fate.

Mankind then launches its final deathnail. World leaders summon their nuclear powers and bombs, launching them at random, hoping to strike whatever and whomever. Gaia is prepared, striking the bombs with the sky-opening lightning, transforming the acidic urine into radioactive waste, further melting away the beings infesting her skin. The battle causes great pain, the fumigation takes many innocent forms of collateral damage. World leaders begin to die from the radiation of their choices, while the survivors empty from their corroding buildings only to die upon reaching the decaying streets.

Nothing. One final worldwide flash.


A bloodied planet begins its healing process. The plates are reset, the land mass restored over the radioactive decay. Volcanoes flow nonstop magma to cover the evidence, while flooding rains rebuild the oceans and rivers.

Like nothing ever happened.

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